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Project Cargo

(oversize road transport)

We prepare tailored solutions. Every large project is preceded by an analysis of the possibility of delivery with any possible means of transport. At the initial stage, we conduct route surveys that let us determine the transport capacity and the modifications that would be necessary. We develop road reconstruction concepts as well as strength analyses for bridges and piers. Together with our tried and proven partners, we offer comprehensive solutions beginning with port operations, through inland waterway transport or rail transport, all the way to transshipment and road transport with the help of our fleet.

Thanks to modular trailers we are able to pick the right configuration for any cargo. Our team will aid you already during the development of a specific component, to lower the transport costs or simply to make it possible. We execute the most demanding transport projects spanning all of Europe.

Inland waterway transport

Due to our location, five hundred metres from the inland port in Opole, Poland, where the largest gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 500 t is located, we regularly use inland waterway transport. It permits the transport of much larger and heavier loads than road or rail transport. We operate in all European harbours, where we have a perfectly developed network of partners. Our partner ship owners operate across all of Europe on all navigable routes such as the Odra, Vistula, the Elbe, the Rhine, the Danube, etc. With such capabilities, we are able to choose the optimum vessel for your load. Our team shall also take care of the fixing and appropriate distribution of your cargo.

Marine transport

Beside the use of vessels, we also offer other services, such as harbour storage, customs formalities, distribution of cargo, fixing, forming and unforming. We have experience in charters both between European countries as well as outside of Europe. Already at the beginning of a project, we will suggest to You optimum harbours to reduce transport costs and time.

Cranes / transshipment / storage

In order to ensure comprehensive services, we also offer the rental of cranes with capacities from 40 t to 1200 t. Through a network of renowned partners, we are able to offer You a full range of cranes together with experienced operators and riggers. Our experienced team will aid you in the selection of a suitable crane class depending on the technical conditions at the place of operation. Beside mobile cranes, we also offer transshipment in inland waterway harbours and marine harbours by way of harbour cranes, gantry cranes or floating cranes. We also offer the storage of goods on open, monitored areas, both inland as well as in marine and inland harbours.

Wind turbine transport

Trust us! We are experts in the field of transport of wind turbine components. We have transported over 200 complete turbines in Poland and abroad. We provide comprehensive organization of transport, from assistance in the design of access roads through performed simulations of the passage, to the safe delivery of components to the wind turbine construction site. We have specialized equipment adapted to this type of task and many years of experience.

We do not get bored

The high quality of our services is appreciated by the market.
Last year we had close to 3000 orders!