Meet us

The company DB PRO transported its first load in the year 2018. Even though it has not been on the market long, all its employees have hundreds of thousands of kilometres logged. During our long years of experience, we have transported millions of tons of oversize goods.

We are all united by professionalism and the belief that nothing is impossible. In this specific case, we believe that there are no loads that cannot be transported.

More than once we were the last hope for companies that were turned down by our competition that said that something is not possible.

Well, in that case we set the new standard.

Our customers stem
from various industry branches:

  • The Energy
  • The petrochemical industry
  • The automotive indusrty
  • Oil & Gas…
  • …and even the military
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Quality policy

DB-PRO Damian Bednarz is a company providing transport and logistics services on the international market. We mainly deal with oversize transport, with the use of marine, inland waterway, and primarily road transport. The integrated quality and security management system and the OHS system policy of DB-PRO Damian Bednarz stems from the perspective concept of company development, the purpose of which is growth and maintenance of its high position on the domestic and international market.
We are aware of the expectations of the transport and logistics market, hence, the services offered by us are provided in an innovative manner through the use of appropriate means of transport, with simultaneous respect for environmental and legal requirements. We constantly strive to improve the quality of services provided by us, utilising long years of experience of the employees as well as tried and trusted transport operators. The customers expect from us safe and efficient transport of cargo, hence, we do everything to meet their expectations.

Considering the specifics of our company, we declare:
– the implementation and maintenance of an integrated management system based upon the ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards,
– continuous perfecting of the services offered by us
– continuous analyses of Customer needs and our aim towards their satisfaction,
– handling in line with relevant provisions of the law as well as other regulations applicable to company operations
– respect for basic OHS provisions and spreading the rules of health and safety on the basis of routine behaviour of our employees,
– the struggle towards constant improvement of OHS conditions through employee training and their engagement in OHS affairs,
– preventing injuries and illnesses,
– assurance of appropriate resources for the introduction and implementation of the OHS policy.
Our policy is known and available to all employees as well as any other interested parties. It is also subject to periodic verification.

Valid since 21.05.2018r.
Approved by: Damian Bednarz